Ronny Camacho
ecac 2014 pommel horseAs a gymnast aspiring to become a collegiate gymnast it was always important to be in the best physical shape possible. In order to get to that collegiate level I needed a tailored strength plan to enhance my workouts. Through Ronny Camacho’s conditioning regiment I was able to take my performance to the next level. Due to this edge, I was recruited to be apart of Temple University Men’s Gymnastics Team where I competed all 4 years of my college career and captured multiple conference championship titles. Throughout college, Ronny was always there to help which gave me a competitive advantage. I owe much of my success to the strength and conditioning of Ronny Camacho and would highly recommend his services to anyone trying to take their physical performance to that next level.
Ronny Camacho
greg"I've been in the fitness business for over 15 years. I have traveled the globe, seen hundreds of gyms, and witnessed thousands of trainers. I can tell you that Ronny Camacho is a cut above the rest. His knowledge, client focus, attention to detail, support, and incredible ability to motivate is second to none. There is an old cliché that says, "You get what you pay for." In Ronny's case this isn't true, because with him, you get so much more. I highly recommend Ronny to anyone who is serious about achieving heir goals."
Ronny Camacho
IMG955855I was absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to be trained and mentored by Ronny. Although it was for a short period of time you would have thought it was for years. He pushed not only my body but my mind as well, allowing me to reach new heights and goals that I would have never even considered on my own. Ronny provides you with constant encouragement, love, a passion that is unmatched by anyone else that I have EVER met as well as a vast and immense knowledge of the overall fitness and nutrition field. It is safe to say that you would be down right foolish not to work with Ronny as he is the VERY BEST! So long as you give him a 100% of your effort and commitment you will get 300% in return and you will be absolutely amazed with the results. When training with Ronny you are not working with a trainer that is just there to count reps and tell you what to do so they can collect a paycheck. You are working with someone who cares about your well being and is going to embrace you and treat you is if you were family while still pushing you to be the very best you can be and then some. I am forever grateful for Ronny and everything that he has done for me, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. He is not just there for your physical wellbeing but for your overall health. I cannot thank him enough. It is a no brainer... if you want a COMPLETE PHYSIQUE Ronny Camacho is your guy!
Ronny Camacho
IMG_9002I’ve known Ronny Camacho for over 20 years. One thing I can say without hesitation is that when Ronny has been my trainer, I have been in the best shape of my life. However, what makes Ronny a great trainer is not just counting reps, but his uncanny ability to motivate. In fact, despite being a walking encyclopedia of fitness, his true talent is his ability to say the right thing at the right time – to shed light on what you cannot or refuse to see at that moment. Ronny’s help in educating me about fitness and keeping me in shape is dwarfed by how he has helped me on my life journey. I started from humble beginnings. When I first met Ronny, I was a struggling actor unsure of my direction in life. During the times when I wanted to just give up, Ronny was there. As if by magic, Ronny knew what to say. Never arrogant or paternalistic, I knew I could count on Ronny as a true and honest sounding board. When it came time to switch gears in my life, Ronny was one of the few that had my back. He asked the right questions that helped me decided for myself what the right path was. He helped me trust myself. I never thought I would have those three letters behind my name. Ronny has been a huge part of me getting to where I’m at today. I will be forever grateful. Oh ya, in case you’re wondering, he still makes me do that one extra rep that makes all the difference in the world, even when I think I can’t.
Ronny Camacho
NathanHollisterRonny Camacho
  • Applies gymnastics lessons to everyday life

  • Knows exactly where your limits are so you can push through any pain knowing he hasn't given you an impossible task.

  • Legitimately cares about your progress and success.

  • Give excellent advice on how to take care of injuries to get back to full strength ASAP

  • Changes up conditioning

  • Is knowledgeable on injury prevention, strength training, nutrition, as well as general life advice and taking the lessons we learn in the gym and applying them to life.

Ronny has been the best conditioning coach I've worked with in my 19 years of gymnastics training. It is easy to see how much he cares for each one of his athlete's progress and success both in the gym and out. Ronny really gets to know his athletes and what their limits are, information he uses to craft conditioning sets that will push you right up to those limits. I know, going into every set, that even though it will be challenging, I will be able to finish whatever is asked of me because Ronny knows exactly what I'm capable of and wouldn't give me a challenge I couldn't overcome. Ronny taught me to give 110% and I have been able to push my body far beyond what I thought it was capable of. I learned that most of the limits I saw myself bound by were all in my head.

Ronny's focus, however, reaches far beyond the limits of the gym. He wants his athletes to be successful in all aspects of their lives and uses the lessons we learn as athletes and competitors and turns them into life lessons. Personally, I had a hard time keeping things from getting to my head; one bad turn or one off-color comment about my attempts at new skills would screw up my work out and put me in a bad mood which would ruin the rest of my work out. Ronny explained to me how this wasn't just something that I needed to work on in the gym, but something that I needed to work on as a general life skill. No matter how talented or skilled I am, if other people can get in my head and discourage me from going out and taking care of business, my skills and talents are wasted. Ronny made a lesson about how I should prepare mentally in the gym, and extrapolated it into a life lesson that I will be able to take with me even after I leave gymnastics. There are few people I know that would spot these kind of teachable moments, and even fewer that would take the time to talk to their athlete, explain the situation, and work with them to overcome these kinds of obstacles.

Ronny is an expert in strength training, nutrition, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and more. I have been lucky enough to have had his help in each of these areas for the past three years. He has helped me grow both physically and mentally and I would not be the person I am today without his help.
Ronny Camacho
"Ronny is not only one of the best trainers I've met, but he is also a respectful and honest person. I came to Ronny weighing 180 pounds in Dec 2013 and told him that my goal was to drop weight and tone up. He told me diet was the most important part and helped me come up with a diet that was best for situation as a single father and being always on the move. He was constantly keeping me motivated and helping me to stay on track with my goals. What I found to be the most valuable thing about Ronny's style of training for my situation was that even though I wasn't able to work out with him I could go to him about different types of exercises, or techniques and ways to change things up in the gym and he would get excited about helping me and telling me about different ways to improve myself. I'm happy to say that after being medically retired from the US Army after 5 years I'm down to 166 lbs now and working on adding more muscle weight! Thanks Bro!!!
Ronny Camacho
Thomas Allen Jr. Bzoski2
Ronny Camacho has been a coach of mine for over 5 years and during this time I have elevated my gymnastics career more rapidly than I ever thought possible. I have been training gymnastics since the age of 4 and always had dreams of competing for a division 1 NCAA team. Just as my time came around to begin engaging in the recruiting process I was devastated by a major staph infection in my left hip that required multiple surgeries. After a prolonged stay in the hospital and over a month of IV antibiotics my body weight was down to 117 from 145 and all my muscle mass had atrophied. The doctors told me I physically wouldn't be able to get back on the same level I had previously been on and advised me to stay out of the gym, I was a skeleton and all my years of hard work seemed to be spiraling down the drain. After sharing with my coaches and teammates what the doctor had told me I was immediately approached by Coach Ronny and what he told me gave me the motivation to get back in the gym the very next day. Coach Ronny made it a personal mission of his to get me back to where I was as fast as possible through a personally constructed training regimen that covered all areas including strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, mental training, and as well as diet. Through many personal training/conditioning sessions as well as the work he did leading our team and providing motivation I was able to make a full recovery within 3 months and continued on from there to rapidly progress faster than I had before getting sick. One year later, thanks to my training under coach Ronny, I was recruited to the UC Berkeley gymnastics team and to this day practice his training methods, both mental and physical, to perform at the peak of my abilities
Ronny Camacho

Ronny Camacho coached our 10yr old son 12-16 hours per week for over a year. During that time we saw our son's improvement not only in athletic skill, which was substantial however we saw his self-confidence and character develop under Ronny's coaching. We trusted Ronny to spend more hours with our son than any other adult. Ronny is consistent and detailed as a coach, he pairs a deep understanding of each athlete with his athletic knowledge to help each athlete achieve their best. Our son deals with fear and Ronny was able to push him when needed and help him trust himself to achieve each new skill presented. As we would watch our son practice we saw that Ronny always expected the best of him and if our son wasn't giving his best effort Ronny knew and he cared. He would consistently push James for his best effort. Our son learned to work hard, be respectful of himself and others, to look people in the eye and never offer excuses. This poured over into the rest of his life. James knew that Ronny expected respect and so he gave it. Ronny always balanced discipline and affection, never leaving a child feeling bad about himself or his effort, he is tough and fair. Our son became stronger than we believed possible through Ronny's conditioning sessions which were creative and consistent. It is easy to find coaches but it is extremely rare to find coaches who understand the mental aspect of each athlete, who understand the physical requirements of a sport and who also care deeply about each athlete’s success. Those are the traits you will find in Ronny Camacho.

Our son went from scoring at the bottom of each meet to qualifying for regionals and scoring in the top 30 as well as receiving 4th place on floor at regionals.
Ronny Camacho
I am writing this letter with regards to Ronny Camacho. I am a mother of four children and a practicing pediatrician. Ronny coached my two boys Thomas "TJ" and Brandon Bzoskie in boys gymnastics for five years at Victory Gymnastics. Ronny has contributed a tremendous amount to my boy’s gymnastics and has had a very positive influence on my children's lives. My son TJ is now in his third year at UC Berkeley and Brandon is a sophomore at Westlake High School. TJ competed for the mens gymnastics team at UC Berkeley and qualified for the 2013 NCAA Championships.

In 2010 TJ had a staph infection in his hip that spread throughout his body. He went into toxic shock and was hospitalized for two weeks. After many surgical procedures and a 20 pound weight loss, the surgeon was skeptical if TJ would return to gymnastics due to the destruction of his hip. He came out of the hospital in a wheel chair, unable to walk with a central line. He received IV antibiotics for one month at home. TJ was very agitated, depressed and frightened that he would not be able to return to his passion gymnastics. He was a sophomore in High School, a critical year for men’s gymnastics.

Ronny took TJ under his wing and trained with him daily on his own time. When TJ started with Ronny all he could do was walk up to the pommel horse and touch it with his hand. Ronny taught him to fight for what he wanted and not give in to his fears and doubts. It was frustrating for TJ but Ronny never gave up on him and would not let TJ give up on himself. I will never forget those meets and training sessions where he would take TJ's head in his hands and look him in the eye speaking his words of wisdom. Without the physical and mental training from Ronny TJ would have not made it as far as he has.

Brandon also benefited tremendously from Ronny. He won Regionals at level 6 with Ronny at his side. He taught Brandon how to focus and work hard but always showed a loving, caring side. My kids wanted to make him proud.

My four children have all been in competitive sports and Ronny is one of the best coaches that we have had. Ronny shows that he cares about all of his student’s physical and emotional health. He is a kind and generous man and has never been physically or emotionally abusive to his students. As a pediatrician and as a mother I highly recommend him as a coach. My kids have been champions because of his dedication and we will forever be grateful to him.
Ronny Camacho
Preparation is the essential aspect to have success on any platform. It doesn’t matter what your career path entails whether it is athletics or in life. Those who have goals can make preparations so that something that started as simple dreams and ideas can be an actual reality. I have always wanted to play football professionally. However, before that happens I have to become the best collegiate football player I can possibly be. This is where Camacho has played his pivotal role in reaching my goals. He has made me faster from running various drills either on the field or at the beach on an inclined mountain. He has helped me get stronger with resistance based exercises and drills. He has prepared me to perform optimally on the field bar none. Most importantly, he has helped me with my very own mental preparedness.
One can run drills till they can’t anymore, but if your mind isn’t right then all that is irrelevant. He always harped on keeping my eyes focused on where I want to be, not right where I am at. I can control my outcomes and I just have to work till it hurts to be where I want to be. Having natural talent is important, but nothing surpasses the will and work ethic of someone who wants to be successful bad enough. It is hard to think that way when your head is buried in a trashcan after running hills, but all was done for my betterment. So for all these lessons, physically and mentally, I will always be grateful for Camacho. I am grateful because he is a determined person, an empowering trainer, an aspiring father, and a loyal friend. Thank you for everything you have helped me become.
Ronny Camacho
Our daughter, a 13 year old gymnast, has had the privilege of being trained and mentored by Ronny Camacho.

Mr. Camacho is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to his clients. He is devoted to taking the time to understand your goals, dreams, and aspirations, and is dedicated to your success and finding new ways to support you. He is an amazing man who by coming from his heart has a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with people where they are at, inspiring and nurturing them to move in a positive direction. He looks at the whole picture, and is a constant reminder of leading by example!

The sport of gymnastics is a very challenging sport both mentally and physically. Ronny not only trained our daughter to be in the best physical condition, but he also taught her that the most important relationship one can have, is the one you have with yourself.

Our daughter has had several tough years during her gymnastic career, and Ronny has made a profound difference in her life. His seemingly endless "You can do this!" enthusiasm and generous spirit is an invaluable example of the person he is.
One of the many qualities that we respect most about Mr. Camacho is that he knows when to nurture and when to give tough love. Whenever our daughter is having a tough day, he is the first one that she contacts. He is so positive and lifts her spirits tremendously. She walks away from their conversation with a huge smile on her face and ready to conquer the world.

We are so thankful that Ronny Camacho is in our lives! He is an amazing strength training coach, mentor, and such an amazing force for "Greatness" in our daughter's life!
Ronny Camacho

Five years ago we were looking for a structured but flexible environment for our very active 6 year old son. We met Ronny Camacho (Coach Ronny) at Victory Gymnastics and we knew we were with the right coach.

From day 1, Ronny has partnered with us to better understand our son. He took the time to make training fun (especially important for a young athlete) and provided the individualized coaching our son needed to achieve the best outcomes.

Through careful coaching and mentoring, Ronny helped our son develop the emotional skills and physical strength he needed to succeed as an athlete and a student. Skills he will continue to use for a lifetime.

Now in his 5th season of gymnastics, our son is a 3 time Region 1 Gymnastics All Star and was awarded the Presidential Academic Excellence Award in 5th grade. Ronny has been there with us each step of the way.
We look forward to continuing to work with Ronny. He is an excellent choice for those individuals who want to work with a coach who is going to train and motivate them to reach their full potential while having fun along the way!
Ronny Camacho
Patrick Gamboa

Mr. Ronny Camacho has proven to be a dedicated student and now Fitness Professional for the ISSA exemplifying all we envision our 100,000 + Professional Trainers to be and thereby earning him the opportunity to be featured in a national ad coming in 2015 for the ISSA. His thirst for knowledge is only rivaled by his passion and willingness to help others. His unbridled enthusiasm is contagious to all and combined with his thirst to help others was the genesis of his desire to impart education, motivation, character and discipline to the next generation in coaching kids. His intricate understanding of the demands of clients, busy schedules and most importantly the struggles of dealing with boring and monotonous foods makes him the perfect expert to teach parents and kids the power of healthy eating coupled with the life changing power of exercise and fitness. Whether it is get build a solid foundation of health and wellness or to promote excellence on the field or court Ronny is an excellent example of a true fitness educator, and every person; man, woman or child who has the opportunity to work with him will truly benefit, physically and mentally.
Ronny Camacho

Our family met Ronny Camacho approximately 6 years ago at Victory Gymnastics Academy , in Newbury Park. Ronny was an amazing coach, mentor, and positive role model for our girls. Our girls, Kaylee and Ashley, were both enrolled as gymnasts at Victory. Kaylee and Ashley had the honor and privilege to have Ronny teach them to be outstanding and very confident athletes at a very young age. Ronny taught them to love the conditioning training. He educated the kids about the training and he made it fun and exciting for them. Through Ronny's training our daughters gymnastics skills consistently increased. Both our girls couldn't wait to get to gymnastics so they could train with Coach Ronny. Our girls always felt they could go to Ronny if they needed help with anything. To this day, both our daughters still talk about how amazing Coach Ronny is and that they would love to train with him again. Ronny is an amazing coach and person. We as parents feel that Ronny helped our daughters to become the athletes and people they are today. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort he put towards our kids and the other athletes.

I remember an incident when our head coach walked out on our daughter and her teammates during a gymnastics meet. The girls were upset and confused when this head coach told them he was quitting. Ronny went above and beyond his duties and filled the void as Head Coach and finished off the meet with our girls team. He was able to make our daughter and the other girls feel safe and convince them that this was not their fault. Our girls always felt safe and happy when they knew Coach Ronny would be working at Victory Gymnastics.
Ronny Camacho

My name is Dyana Spellman, and I have an 11 year old son named Troy. Troy has a passion for life, and for sports as well. Troy’s Father passed away at the beginning of his kindergarten year when he was 6 years old and was in the middle of fall season of t-ball. Obviously this was a difficult time for a young boy that was attached at his dad’s hip.

Troy has several Uncles that surely love him, but haven’t been to available since his dad’s passing. I have kept up with all the sports he loves and have done my best to make sure he is at his best.

With all of that, I knew there was something Troy was lacking. In the beginning I really just thought that Troy needed a push and some guidance to grow within the sports he loves ie; baseball and football mostly.

I have known Ronny Camacho for years as a trainer and as a positive influence to many. Again, I was looking for someone to help Troy get faster, stronger etc. One day, I pulled Ronny aside at the gym and said “hey, would you maybe have some time to work my son? I said it’s become difficult for me as he is growing up and my knowledge in helping succeed in the sports he loves is limited” Ronny immediately in his mind and out loud began sculpting a plan. I was still only thinking of how cool it will be to get Troy stronger and faster etc.

Troy began working with Ronny Sr. and Ronny Jr. at a local park. The VERY 1st day they worked with Troy his face changed. What I mean by that is when Troy completed his 1st workout he was pumped inside and out and could see how he could grow already!!! The whole drive home Troy wouldn’t stop talking about all the things his coaches had shared with him and the confidence they had in him ALREADY! The next few sessions Troy transformed even more!!

At this time I realized what Troy needed more than a trainer was that he needed and craved a “mentor”!!
From day one Ronny Sr. and Ronny Jr. understood Troy and his needs. Troy feels so absolutely confident, achieved, cared for and as a part of their incredibly loving family. For a kid who lost his father and connected with him through sports I really had no idea what he was missing until Ronny came into his life. My son actually sees his future and believes with hard work, focus and dedication he can be whatever he sets his mind to!

I literally send Ronny a text after every training session saying how I can’t believe in such a short time the strides that Troy has made. I watch them train sometimes and seeing how Ronny is 100% focused on MY son and nothing else is priceless, the love that shines through is priceless, the dedication and confidence he is instilling in my son is PRICELESS!

I really just wanted to share my story, and I really hope other people young or older may have the opportunity to work with a pair like Ronny Sr and Ronny Jr. There is SO much more I could say and I can speak on their behalf for endless hours.

Thank you to you both for giving your heart to others and sharing the amazing knowledge that you have. I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of TEAM CAMACHO!!!

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